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We all know that hot air rises and conventional heating generally starts well above ground level, meaning that anything on the floor tends to miss out on keeping warm. Unless you could find a form of heating that offered you comfort from the ground up. Speedheat floor heating does exactly that. Radiant heat from under your floor coverings spreads upwards to warm just one room or your entire home.

Clean, efficient and completely invisible, Speedheat floor heating is installed directly under almost any type of floor covering including tiles, carpets and timber laminates. And a patented 1 mm-thick heating element means that the Speedheat technology is suitable for either new builds or retro-fitting.

The unique design eliminates the additional build-up height required with other floor heating systems, which means large savings in installation cost and electricity consumption.

And because floor heating is mainly radiant heat, comfort levels are reached at much lower temperatures than with air heating, creating a comfortable, even temperature without creating a draught or any uncomfortable hot areas.

There are more than thirty different sizes of heating element in the Speedheat range, so there's something for every room size. There's even a cold-buster mat that you can take almost anywhere.

Speedheat floor heaters are thermostatically controlled using either a floor or room sensor or a combination of both. You can operate the system manually or enjoy the advantages of a 7 day programmable model.