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Throughout our 2005 series of HOME in WA, we've highlighted the nationwide concern over the chronic lack of skilled workers, especially as it affects the home building industry in Western Australia

We've concentrated on initiatives that are in place to help address the problem as it stands in WA, particularly with an ageing population further draining resources.

The Building and Construction Industry Training Fund, known as the BCITF, provides funding for awareness and training programs designed to attract young people to a first-choice career in the building industry. Funding is also available for established workers to undertake periodic skills enhancement programs.

The BCITF embarked upon a powerful awareness campaign, talking with school students and parents about apprenticeships in building trades as a realistic option to other tertiary education pursuits.

David Grant talks with the Executive Director at BCITF, Ralph Dawson, to summarise the effects of the BCITF awareness drive, with some very pleasing and positive progress being made.

Further information on a career in the building industry can be gained by contacting the Building and Construction Industry Training Fund on 9381 3900.