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Keeping your house warm all winter, is about more than just turning on the heater. Heating with natural gas is more efficient, more reliable, more environmentally friendly and more economical than heating with other fossil fuels, so it's a pretty good start. But there are also other ways to save on your energy use and your energy costs.

Make sure the heater you choose suits the size of the room you're heating a small room only needs a small heater. Don't overheat the house either setting the thermostat just one degree less will result in a significant saving on your energy bill.

Keeping the doors closed to rooms that aren't being used or to cold rooms like the bathroom and laundry will mean heating less of the house.

Keep heat in with pelmets and heavy curtains or blinds on the windows. This can prevent up to 75% of heat loss in your home.

We'll have another home heating tip for you next week, but if you'd like more information on gas heating, just follow the link to the Alinta site.