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Australia's 1st computer, known as CSIRAC, weighed 7 tonnes and chewed enough electricity to power an entire street! Computers have come a long way since the 1950s and chances are, it's probably the youngest member of your family who knows the most about all this new fandangle technology! So where do you start?

Budget Computers are home and business Computer specialists. Not only can they customise a computer package to suit your families computing needs, but they can also tailor a network setup for your business computers. Something they have done for a number of surrounding business in Malaga including City Farmers.

Budget Computers specialise in putting together computer packages that fit specifically within your needs and means. From a system with that allows you to watch free to air High Definition Digital Television, right through to your basic family home office computer that's perfect for surfing the net, sending emails and writing school assignments. The team at Budget Computers is very good at putting together a package that's great value and gives you exactly what you need.

Budget Computers knowledgeable and helpful customer service continues long after you leave the store. For example, Budget Computers will even take care of your Internet setup so you don't have to spend ages on the line with your Internet Company following over the phone instructions.

A great thing about all Budget Computer packages, is they're fully upgradable, a process that can be complicated and costly with many other computer setups.

So, if down the track you decided to add that High Definition Digital TV software to your computer or may be a card reader for your digital camera, a Budget Computer Package can be upgraded to do all that easily and cost effectively. Meaning you'll get a lot more life out of your computer.

Right now Budget Computers have a fantastic offer for Home in WA viewers. You can get an AMD 2400 Home Office Computer complete with Internet access, 17-inch monitor, speakers and optical mouse for just $699, which is a saving of $300 off the usual price! Give Budget Computers a call to find out more.