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It seems everyone's bought into the property boom. Well, almost everyone! It's just sometimes that "D" word, deposit, gets in the way. You know, everyone's got bills to pay, plus if you've got kids and if you're paying rent, it can make it impossible to save! So what if you were to hear, that right now, there could be a way of getting into your own home by making the most of an initiative set up by the WA Government called Keystart?

You may have heard of Keystart. Set up by the WA Government 1989, it has since helped over 56,000 Western Australians buy or build their own home.
How Keystart works is, it helps those who find it hard to save for a deposit or who have had difficulty getting a loan through the more traditional avenues. If you are planning to buy or build a home for $250,000 or less, through Keystart you'll only need a deposit of 2% or $2000 whichever is the greater amount. Plus, good news for first homebuyers Keystart accepts the $7000 First Home Owners Grant as your deposit so you may not need to save a cent! Even if your household income is as much as $170,000 you can still qualify for a Keystart loan and purchase or build a house up to $400,000.

Keystart can be more flexible than traditional financial institutions when it comes to assessing income. Keystart can make special calculations for those in part-time or casual employment and down the track your financial or life situation changes Keystart have options available that will help keep you in your home.

So if you want assistance getting into a home of you own call Keystart.