Dogs Refuge

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA


08 9381 8166

This week's program of HOME in WA comes from the Dogs' Refuge Home in Shenton Park. This shelter for lost, abandoned or mistreated animals was established in 1935, with an average of 1000 dogs receiving loving care and rehabilitation each year.

The Dogs' Refuge Home has a small but enthusiastic and dedicated full-time staff, assisted by a wonderful band of volunteers, who walk and feed up to 150 dogs that are housed at the shelter at any given time.

The policy at the Home is that no dog will be put down while they are healthy and able to be found a new home.

Celebrating 70 years of caring for misplaced dogs has not been easy. Funding is entirely dependant upon sponsorships, donations and memberships, as there is no ongoing financial support from Government.

People interested in supporting the Dogs' Refuge Home can take membership at just $35 while there is a tempting range of breeds, sizes and ages of dogs all eager for attention and longing for a home at just $250.

The Dogs' Refuge Home (WA) is in Lemnos Street, Shenton Park, phone 9381 8166. Open to the Public 11am - 4pm, 7 days per week.