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Everyone knows that Australia is suffering a chronic shortage of skilled workers. Prime Minister John Howard has acknowledged the nation's plight as has Treasurer, Peter Costello and business leaders around Australia.

On HOME in WA this year, we have been talking about the initiatives of the Building & Construction Industry Training Fund, the BCITF, about their role in encouraging young people to consider a career in the building and construction, as a first choice options.

Now the Master Builders Association in Western Australia has come up with a new and exciting initiative. Initially called TRADESMART, the concept of TRADESTART is specifically aimed at injecting more skilled workers into the building industry through "crash courses" in a range of essential trades.

Starting on July 25, 2005, with a course for potential bricklayers, TRADESTART aims to attract anyone of any age, interested in learning the skills required to take them onto building sites in Western Australia.

Each course will take six weeks, will be fully supervised by qualified instructors and on satisfactory completion, will provide a graduation certificate. Graduates will then be offered employment as a trade assistant, labourer or apprenticeship. Already two prominent home building companies, Scott Park Homes and Plunkett Homes have committed to placing graduates from the TRADESTART program.

The cost of each course is $900, a cost which will be quickly offset as the graduate gains employment.

Enquiries regarding TRADESTART can be made through the Master Builders Association on 9476 9800.