Metro Brick

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13 BRIC (13 27 42)

08 9261 9988

Harper Street
Caversham WA 6055

Here in WA we're lucky enough to have some of the highest quality housing in the world, and part of the reason for our high standard of housing is the high quality of the building materials we have available.

Metro Bricks are manufactured using the same ceramic craft as the Egyptians used in their buildings, so, theoretically at least, your brick structure could be standing as long as the pyramids. Natural clay bricks are virtually maintenance free and ceramic technology enables Metro Brick to guarantee the colour of their bricks for life.

For those who prefer a rendered finish, Metro Brick's new Geograph range gives you the look of render, with the strength and durability of clay brick.

And if you can't decide which bricks you like best, their new 'Build-A-Style' software is an exciting visualisation tool. It allows you to create an impression of what your new home or landscape will look like before a brick or paver has been laid. With a large range of tiles, windows, and bricks to choose from millions of combinations are possible making it easy to select just the right look.

Pick up your own copy of 'Build-A-Style' from any one of Metro's seven selection centres or download a copy from the Net. You can also give Metro Brick a call for any enquiries on 13 BRIC (13 2742).