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Here's some fantastic news for those of us having difficulty affording to build or buy our own home. It's a great initiative set up by the W.A. Government to assist the financially or employment disadvantaged purchase their very own house and land. It's called Keystart.

Keystarts great advantage is that it helps people who find it hard to save a deposit for their home, and those who, for whatever reason, don't quite meet the criteria set out by mainstream lenders.

You may only need a low 2% deposit or $2,000, whichever is the greater amount, on a property up to $250,000. And here's the big news. Keystart accepts the $7,000 first home owners grant as your deposit so you may be able to buy your own home straight away, even without any savings of your own. And, if you are not eligible for the first home owners grant, Keystart may lend you up to $2,000 extra for assistance with fees with an eligible loan.

Another saving with Keystart is that you don't have to have mortgage insurance. This saves thousands of dollars right from the start.

Keystart is far more flexible than traditional areas of finance. They take into account all wages, tax benefits, centrelink and child maintenance payments. This gives them a fairer overview of each client.
And it comes with a built in safety net. If the borrower was to lose their job, the interest paid over an agreed period can be reduced until they're back up on their feet again.

Keystart. A state Government scheme providing special and valuable assistance to borrowers from all walks of life who may not get a fair go elsewhere.