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"Sustainable" housing. What does it mean? For the West Australian Government and its Housing and Works Minister, Fran Logan, "sustainability" is a priority topic.

The Department of Housing and Works wanted to pursue the idea of a sustainable housing model for the Kimberley Region and so they ran a national competition

The winner was the 'Broome Filter House' designed by Melbourne Architects David Oppenheim and Chris Barnett of 'Sustainable Built Environments' and built by H & M Tracey Construction.

The objectives of the competition were to achieve a comfortable living environment using passive solar design principles to reduce water and energy consumption; to stimulate designers and builders so that future housing has a more positive environmental impact on the landscape; and highlight the role good housing can play in the improvement of our general lifestyle.

The Filter House really is an example of designing and building for the future in the Kimberly Region. Swing-up panels on the western side can be adjusted to provide shade from the afternoon sun and can be locked down in extreme weather conditions.

With environmentally-friendly solar electricity panels on the roof, excess energy can be sold back to the power grid when its not needed

Tall planting on the west, shade the house from the afternoon sun, while the understorey is left open to allow sea breezes through. Broome's wet season will help save water, with underground tanks collecting water, which can be used to reticulate the garden.

For further information call the Department of Housing and Works on 9222 4666