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Incorrectly operated wood-burning heaters are the main source of the haze that often hangs over Perth on cold winter mornings and the smoke from wood fires can contribute to a range of health problems including asthma and allergies.

According to Paul Van Buynder from the Department of Health, a flued natural gas heater is the safest heating option. Natural gas is more environmentally friendly by far than a wood burning fire, far more economical to run and you get instant and continuous heat without having to keep adding more fuel to keep it burning.

So, if you still want the warmth, romance and atmosphere of a glowing open fire, a flued log effect gas heater is the ideal alternative because you get the great looks and atmosphere of an open fire all at the touch of a button.

Flued log-effect heaters are available in a range of free-standing models as well as built-in models that will fit into your old fire-place.

Alternatively, if you have a medium to large area and are looking for an efficient modern-looking heater, consider a natural gas power flue like the Rinnai Energysaver. Drawing air from the outside, the power flue heats the air and achieves an ideal balance of warm air spread throughout the room. It also disperses potential allergy producing emissions and fumes outside the home.

And thanks to Alinta and Rinnai, you could win a Rinnai Energysaver Power Flue heater valued at $2099. Simply answer the question at the bottom of this page, put your answer on the back of an envelope along with your name, address and phone number and be watching for the second question on next week's show.

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