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Many of us have a dream to invest or live in rural and remote W.A. or to continue doing so. Once the decision has been made, the State Government's Department of Housing and Works, through its Country Housing Authority, gives small business operators, self-employed people, farmers and pastoralists much needed access to affordable housing finance. Many of these people experience difficulty in accessing readily available finance in rural and remote areas.

The Country Housing authority was established in 1998, and has helped many country people with housing finance to achieve their goals. Farmers, pastoralists and businesses in rural areas from the wheat-belt, Great Southern, South West and here in Broome, have benefited greatly from this Authority.

The main programme offered by the CHA is the Housing Finance Access Programme, which provides loans to businesses to build or buy homes for themselves, their families and their employees. Farmers can also improve and modernise their existing homes if they wish.
The loans are structured as a standard variable rate housing loan and can be taken over 20 years. You can borrow up to $360,000 and make repayments monthly, quarterly or twice yearly, depending on your cash flow.

Another programme offered by CHA allows eligible pastoralists and farmers the opportunity to finance the installation of renewable energy generating equipment. This great initiative supports the environment and helps reduce operating costs such as diesel fuel consumption.

The Project Officer for Country Housing is Murray Harrison and he's committed to the rural population of W.A.

It's good to know that if you're a pastoralist, farmer or businessperson in rural Western Australia that The Country Housing Authority is on your side.

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