Broome Broome Car Rentals (and V-Mottos)

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

David Treleaven


08 9192 2210

08 9192 8011

Hamersly Street
Broome WA 6725

Broome Broome Car Rentals have lots of terrific toys to get around in while you are staying in Broome.

From gutsy 4WD's, to Jeep Wranglers, to Smaller more economical cars. They have got the lot.

From 1 day to as many days as you need. It's the perfect way to get around up in the Kimberly. They even have groovy little V-Motto scooters to zip around on.

The HOME in WA crew thank David and his team at Broome Broome Car Rentals for supplying them with just the right vehicles to get around in while filming the Broome Specials.

If you would like to book in advance of your trip to Broome, contact them on 9192 2210.