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Peter Carey



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Supply of concrete to commercial and standard domestic building sites is certainly well catered for by the major concrete supply companies

But what about those important SMALL jobs around the home or business? If you're planning on doing it yourself, you'll need to estimate the quantity, hire a trailer and concrete mixer or mix it by hand…then order sand, blue metal and bags of cement, make sure your hose can reach the site and importantly, be sure your body can stand the strain!

No! There's a much better way of going about jobs needing small volumes of concrete.

CONCRETE TAXI! They will mix on site, no mess, no fuss, precisely the amount you need, no waste of materials or money, whether you need one barrow or a truckload. Concrete Taxi will come to your site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Concrete Taxi came to Western Australia in 2001. Since then, Concrete Taxi has moved to the next level. Its patented technology is registered in 13 countries and business opportunities are being offered through franchise agreement.

The custom-built trucks can go almost anywhere, including ovals, parks and schools, often no-go zones for larger and heavier vehicles.

Concrete Taxi can mix any quantity up to 1.5 cubic metres and mixes two wheelbarrow loads every six minutes, allowing ample time for the barrowing and finishing off of the concrete in most circumstances.

Concrete Taxi – No more, No less, No mess, and…. No Stress

Call Concrete Taxi on 1800 801 803.