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This week on the show we have a look at an Insulating product called Air Cell.

Air Cell Insulation is an all Australian product that is designed to keep your home up to 10 degrees cooler in summer and 8 degrees warmer in winter. One of the many benefits of this product is that it can be installed not only into the roof of your home but also into the Walls and floors to protect you and your home from all angles.

Air Cell is manufactured in Australia to International Quality standards using what looks like thousands of bubbles sandwiched between two outer surfaces of pure aluminium.

Air Cell uses the aluminium outer skins to reflect heat and cold trying to enter or leave the building. The tiny individual air bubbles capture hot or cold air and further resist the transfer of temperature.

With it easy installation, high performance, and ability to significantly improve indoor comfort levels, Air Cell has been applied to roof, wall, ceiling and floor applications throughout the commercial and residential market.

In summer, heat hits the exterior walls and penetrates through into the home, heating it up considerably and in winter even when using indoor heating, some of the heat escapes back through the walls. When Air Cell is installed into walls and ceilings the home is kept cooler in summer and warmer in winter as the temperature inside is contained.

Because Air Cell is 100% fibre free it really is the healthy option in insulation and with so many people suffering from Asthma or other Bronchial problems it really is a welcomed relief.

Air Cell is used a lot in Hospitals, Schools shopping Centres and throughout businesses and residential properties not only here in Australia but also throughout Asia and the Pacific region.

Air Cell is even a hit with keen Wine connoisseurs and has been applied to a number of Cellars and Wine storage units to keep temperatures at a low.

Air Cell Insulation can be designed into your new home or added to an existing home. If you are planning to do it yourself you will be able to buy Air Cell Insulation from most of the larger hardware outlets around the State.

Air Cell is just one of the many wonderful products featured on this week's show. Hopefully you can join us.

For more information on Air Cell Insulation call 1300 135 621.