Live Stronger Live Longer

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Paula Fievez



08 9321 2133

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2nd Floor
Wesley Centre
93 William Street
Perth WA 6000

By the year 2031, 25 per cent or a quarter of Western Australia's population will be seniors, aged 65 years and over. In fact there will be more seniors than young people aged 19 and under. This is simply because people are Living Longer.

Seniors in WA are aware of this and are starting to take action so that they can Live Stronger as they age.

Late last year saw the launch of a special programme called Living Longer Living Stronger, designed to encourage people over fifty years of age to potentially add years to their lives by becoming fitter and stronger.

The programme uses the down times of Health and Fitness centres to provide Seniors with a suitable exercise strategy that could add considerable enjoyment and years to their life expectancy.

The Living Longer Living Stronger program has enabled the over 50's to access safe, quality training in a group setting at a reduced cost.

The whole aim of Living Longer Living Stronger is to improve people's quality of life. The facts are we are living longer, so we may as well make the extra years quality ones.

A Living Longer Living Stronger Information Seminar will be held at Alexander Library, Perth, on Wednesday 20 April from 9 am to 11 am. Entry is $10 per person, which includes morning tea.

For further information, call Paula Fievez at Council on the Ageing, 9321 2133