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It's seems to me a career in the building and construction industry in particular, is a fantastic option.

This week on the show we head out to Swan Tafe in Balga to meet with students who have taken up the challenge and taken on a trade as a career.

The fact is, a trade is a super alternative and you can make big bucks.
The Building and Construction Industry Training Fund, known as the BCITF, was established in 1990 to collect a small training levy from all construction projects in WA.
The BCITF's charter is to improve the quality of training and increase the number of skilled workers in the industry.

The BCITF has introduced a number of new initiatives to encourage school students to pursue a career in the industry. These include a scholarship of $250 for students who successfully complete a pre-apprenticeship course in the building and construction trades. And an employer who employs a person as an apprentice who has a pre apprenticeship qualification will receive a $500 subsidy in addition to the existing $9,000 BCITF grant.

The BCITF levy on construction sites ensures that people undertaking and paying for construction work in WA make a contribution to training the skilled people needed to carry out the work. That way, the whole community contributes to and benefits from the BCITF Training Levy and the funding programs being offered.

The funding support has seen more training courses become available to industry making it easier for businesses and workers to access the training they need, when they need it.