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Natural Gas is natural, safe, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly, so it's no wonder that it's so widely used. At Little Creatures brewery in Fremantle, for example, they need a reliable and economical energy source, in considerable quantities, so the natural choice was natural gas - in the kitchen, to run the boilers, for heating water and even for customer comfort to keep patrons warm during the winter months.

The make-up of Natural Gas means it's a lot cleaner than other fossil fuels - producing a lot less harmful greenhouse gases and the low emission levels are the main reason Transperth is gradually replacing its diesel fleet with a new generation of clean and green natural gas powered buses. There are currently 145 natural gas buses in operation and over the next seven years, Transperth will take possession of 406 new Mercedes-Benz Euro 4 Compressed Natural Gas vehicles.

And while the advantages to industry are obvious, over 97% of all new homes that have access to Natural Gas here in WA are connected to the network, so it really is true to say that most Western Australians also recognise the advantages of using Natural Gas in the home.

Hot water alone is the biggest user of energy in the average Perth home. The other main energy users at home are room heating and cooking and Natural Gas is a preferred option here, too. With the gas piped directly to the appliance, you get an instant response when you turn on the stove, heater or hot water, so no waiting and no wasting of energy. You also get a reliable and continuous supply of energy for efficient and controllable heat. And, being a very competitively priced fuel option, Natural Gas is also an economical choice.

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