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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA




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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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Steel framing has been a proven performer in commercial and industrial building for decades. It was only a matter of time before it progressed to domestic home construction.

Recently on HOME in WA, we looked at the option of 40mm steel battens in roof framing. Well, taking a huge leap from that process, is the ever-increasing use of steel trusses to form up the ENTIRE roof structure.

Bluescope Steel manufactures Zincalume steel to meet all the demands of Australian housing conditions. The zinc aluminium alloy coating protects the frame from corrosion and carries a 50-year warranty.

Steel is fire resistant, doesn't sag or warp, requires minimal maintenance and it's strength gives a secure peace of mind to the home-owner

Given the supply of the highest quality material, the next step is to purpose-form the Zincalume steel to provide durability combined with ease of construction. One company that has all the answers is Combined Metal Industries. CMI fabricates the unique, Z-Line Steel roof truss system in Perth.

While CMI roll-form the various components that make up the Z-Line Truss system, the next step is to put them all together. Residential Truss Systems is responsible for assembling 85 per cent of all the Z Line components produced by CMI.

The final step in the Z-Line process to prove its strength, durability, ease of installation and value for money, to home builders and their customers. Ross North Homes have been at the forefront of home building in WA for many years and made the decision 8 years ago, to opt entirely for steel for the company's roof framing.

So there is a very powerful combination. Combined Metal Industries manufacturing their unique Z-line roof trusses from quality Zincalume Steel; professionally and efficiently assembled by RTS and installed in some of Western Australia's best homes, by one of the State's leading builders.

For more information on Zincalume Steel, check the Bluescope Steel website. And for details on Z-line Trusses, contact CMI on 9309 1303