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John Galluccio


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If the front doorway is the entrance to our homes then the driveway is the entrance to our properties and for some people, this can mean a bit of a shabby entrance. Long before brick paving, concrete driveways were the norm in most suburban homes and short of painting them different colours, there really wasn't much one could do to beautify or restore them.

Well now there's a whole new product to the rescue called Faux Brick.

Faux Brick is a family owned and operated business located in Osborne Park. This fabulous cement based product is manufactured on the premises and comes in a great range of colours and can be applied in various patterns, depending on the customer's requirements directly over the top of your existing driveway.

The transformation of a dull old concrete driveway is a relatively simple process of a few hours a day over a 3 day period for a standard size driveway. The first step is to assess whether your old driveway can be saved. Once that's ascertained, all the paint, grease and grime is removed and the driveway allowed to dry overnight.

Next day, the tradesmen return to apply a primer and a base coat. That's left overnight and by the third day the guru's are ready to lay out your preferred pattern with stencils and the top coat of faux brick is applied. After a couple of hours of drying, the stencils are removed and finally a sealer can be applied.

Your new driveway will be the talk of the neighbourhood, and not only will it look fabulous, its durability ensures that your home will be looking sharp for years to come.

If you want to find out more about this remarkable product you can call mark on 0418429499 or contact the team at faux brick direct on 9445 9445.