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Eurogem is changing the way we feel about housework. This is not just a steam cleaner. It is a combined steamer and vacuum and that's the secret behind its ability to effectively clean just about anything in your house.

You can throw away all your regular cleaning tools and most of your chemicals. Save time and energy, Eurogem is environmentally friendly and great for asthmatics.

Clean floors, refresh the grout from tiles, completely remove mould, and use it to clean your kitchen areas. In bedrooms and living areas you get rid of the dust mites, clean the curtains ,carpets and any furniture. Imagine how much that will save on dry cleaning bills alone. You can even iron with it.

Sterilise the kids' toys and clean their car seats. Outside ,the barbecue cleans effortlessly, the boat, motorbikes the garage and caravans also come up a treat.

Eurogem is offering free in home demonstrations. You pick out 2 of your worst problem areas and they'll show you that Eurogem's up for the challenge.

Eurogem has a range of steamers and steam plus vacuum products. If you want more info about how Eurogem could help in your home, sporting facility, restaurant, nursing home, dental laboratory, child care setting etc or you want a free home demo call 9388 1560