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At the push of a button, a natural gas heater will make your home cosy next winter. And as well as being an economical heating option, you can also be assured it's an environmentally friendly one too.

Natural gas produces less of the harmful greenhouse gases that other fossil fuels produce. Plus gas heaters produce less smoke particles therefore reducing the smoke haze that is so common in Perth in winter.

There's a better range of affordable natural gas heaters than ever before. People are also waking up to the cost efficiencies of natural gas heating compared with electric heaters. Did you know that the smallest natural gas heater is as powerful as the largest portable electric heater.

If you're thinking about installing natural gas heating, or upgrading your existing appliances, where do you start?

AlintaGas Approved Retailers are a really good place to go for free professional advice. Many of them are home heating specialists and have several models on the floor which they can demonstrate for you all year round.