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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA



13 SPAS (13 7727)

106 Erindale Road
Balcatta WA 6021

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Osborne Park





There's not a lot of volcanic activity happening in WA, thank goodness! So the chances of finding a thermal spring in your backyard are pretty slim, unless of course you have your very own spa. Imagine getting home from a stressful day at work and being able to soak in a warm bath of bubbles spa jets massaging your aching back, absolute heaven.

If you are after a spa anywhere in WA, just think 1 3 SPAS, it's the number to call for your nearest Spa Showcase and access to WA's largest range of portable and in-ground spas.

There are 6 Spa Showcase showrooms across the metro area. Not only does Spa Showcase supply their own range of spas; they also offer 13 unique designs in the Maax Spa range. Plus Spa Showcase are the exclusive Perth dealers for leading US brands Sundance and LA Spas.

Every one of Spa Showcases own spas are made right here in WA at their manufacturing facility in Welshpool. Spa Showcase is the only spa company in WA that vacuum form all their own moulds and do all their own fibreglass reinforcing. During the manufacture process full foam insulation is applied to the shell and pipe work of the spa, this conserves heat, reduces noise and provides additional support for the spas plumbing. Plus all Spa Showcase spas are put through 3 hours of stringent water testing.

Spa Showcase uses the highest quality components and equipment, which is sourced from suppliers worldwide.

But don't worry they do their bit to give back to the world, Spa Showcase export to the UK and Europe, New Zealand, Dubai, China, Thailand, India, and Reunion Island!

All in all Spa Showcase have over 60 spas to choose from, so yes, the decision making process could be difficult, but not when you can try before you buy! Opening soon at their Balcatta showroom is a Spa Lounge. Complete with change rooms, in a private, relaxed atmosphere you'll get to test out a few spas so you can pick the perfect one for your home.

As a special for Home in WA viewers, Spa Showcase is offering a free "Pamper Pack" for every spa delivered by Christmas. Open 7 days a week, to find your nearest Spa Showcase, just remember 1 3 SPAS. And don't forget to keep watching Home in WA as in the coming weeks we'll be returning to Spa Showcase to test out their newly completed Spa Lounge!