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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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We have had some warm days lately and having a home without insulation is proving to be a little on the uncomfortable side for some people. This week on the show we will show you how you can cool your home right down with Brett Heady's Thermo Sealed Batts.

Brett Heady's Thermo Sealed Batts will help you to live in comfort and can reduce electrical and fuel expenses.

Brett's Thermo Sealed Batts don't only insulate your home they also do it cleanly, safely and using almost 100% recycled materials.

Brett Heady's Thermo Sealed Batts are environmentally friendly and non-allergenic, great news for anyone affected by Asthma.

The Batts are also fire retardant, dust free and unaffected by rain or water.

They won't blow around your roof space and you know that you're buying a quality product, as Brett's company is a quality assured company.

Designed, produced and owned right here in WA the batts come guaranteed for the lifetime of the structure.

Brett Heady's Thermo Sealed Batts are located at 2 locations here on the West coast.
The head office is at 23 Resource Way Malaga and the South West factory is located at 8 Maxted Street Bunbury.

As a special to home in WA viewers you will receive 15% off all Brett Heady's Thermo Sealed Batts products and for the do-it-yourself friendly ask Brett about his DIY special rates.

Free quotes available.