Skeetas Restaurant & Café

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Colin & Vicki Cox



08 9964 1619

9921 7661

Lot 101 Foreshore Drive
Geraldton WA 6530

In our HOME in WA specials on Geraldton and the Mid West, the production team quickly found that there is a wide range of restaurant and cuisine styles in the region, especially in Geraldton.

For the second successive year, one in particular stood out for it's superb location, relaxed and friendly service and most importantly, excellent and varied menu and selection of local and imported wines.

Skeetas Restaurant & Café is operated by Colin and Vicki Cox, who welcomed back daughter Tenelle, after a stint in Sydney, just in time for the HOME in WA visit to Geraldton.

Seafood is quite naturally, a specialty, with western rock lobster, prawns and fresh "catch of the day" served straight from the waters of the north-west coast. Not to mention the Oysters. A dozen a day kept JK at bay!...Kilpatrick, morney or natural. Delightfull.