Shire of Greenough

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08 9921 0500

08 9921 0500

Cnr Edward and Mt. Magnet Roads
Utakarra WA 6530

The first settler expedition camped on the banks of the Greenough river in 1848 and many of the old buildings that sprang up around the subsequent settlement still exist today.
A cluster of eleven of these original buildings has been fully or partially restored in what was once known as the Hamlet.

The village is now called Central Greenough and its historic buildings offer a fascinating insight into the ordinary men and women who built them. Today, you can walk through the buildings of the community they forged, literally taking a step or two back in time.

Conditions were tough in the town's formative years near the turn of the 19th century and a look around The Pioneer Museum will show just how extraordinary those early settlers really were.

The Museum houses a variety of artefacts from the region's history and the items on display are sure to give you a much greater appreciation of the day-to-day hardships faced by the pioneers.

And if you'd like to get to know Greenough's pioneering families a little better you can take a look at their family histories at The Walkaway Railway Station Museum, along with an excellent display of regional transport, natural resources, weapons and military relics.

Greenough's colourful history has been beautifully preserved to become a very successful tourist attraction, but long before settlement, the area boasted some more natural attractions that are still drawing tourists today.

Perhaps one of Greenough's best kept secrets is its amazing beaches. There's about eight beaches within easy distance of Greenough central and there's a beaches to suit everyone with a range of activities from surfing and swimming to fishing or four-wheel-driving. And the Shire has taken care of all the necessities by providing a range of amenities like BBQ's.

New or old, Greenough is a fascinating and beautiful town and its unique combination of history and nature in perfect harmony is well worth a look. You can stop at one of the local hotels or Geraldton is just 25minutes up the road.