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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Lisa Bradley



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Last week on Home in WA, we called by the Home West home of Gynetta Panaia. What we found was a garden with superb natural features but totally overgrown.

Nearly 20 native grass trees, banksias and gum trees were smothered by metre-high undergrowth preventing Gynetta from enjoying her garden.

You see, Gynetta has severe Cerebal Palsy and is confined to a wheelchair, so any access to the garden, to say nothing of maintenance, was out of the question.

We learned that Gynetta's carer, Lynda Waterman, contacted Brightwater's At Home Services section, with a request to have her backyard madeover because of it's extremely overgrown state.

Tim Davies of Tim Davies Landscaping was asked to help in providing a 'makeover' for Gynetta's garden. He was more than enthusiastic and assisted in getting other suppliers involved.

Today we see the amazing progress made in just seven days and talk with Dr. Penny Flett, CEO of Brightwater Care Group and Tim about their involvement in this very worthwhile project.