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Glen Earnshaw



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10 Gibberd Road
Balcatta WA 6021

Nothing looks more sensational than a well-lit garden, outdoor lighting can add another dimension to your home. Here in WA we're spoilt with a beautiful climate making outdoor life something we like to make the most of, so why not shed a little light on your outdoor lifestyle!

Lighting City in Balcatta are market leaders in outdoor lighting here in WA, it's one of their specialties. They not only work with most major landscape designers as advisors on home and businesses, but also can help you turn your garden into something really special.

Lighting City has a reputation for quality and value for money and they have a huge range of outdoor lighting. New Zealand brand Hunza would be by far one of the more popular brands at Lighting City due to the diversity and quality of their products.

Lighting City even provides a Lighting Design Service for homebuilders. Where by bringing in your plans, the Lighting City team can help arrange a stylish lay out for your home and garden lighting. Plus the cost of this service is refunded if you choose to purchase your light fittings at Lighting City.

It's not just home gardens that have been 'set alight' by Lighting City, they have also lit up many commercial properties throughout WA. With 16 years experience in lighting, Lighting City can help you add value to the home you're building, or renovating!

You'll find Lighting City located upstairs from Ceramic City in Balcatta.