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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This week on the show we have a look at a beautiful new home in Stirling that has a range of Aerostone's external feature profiles.

Now looking at this home you might think these profiles were all part of the main structure and fully rendered like the walls? Actually they're not.

These profiles on this home are made from high strength and lightweight aerated concrete called Aerostone.

Aerostone profiles are available from Linear Architectural Systems in Welshpool, a company devoted to discovering amazing products produced from CSR Hebel.

Linear Architectural Systems hold DIY classes, in fact there's one coming up before the end of the month

Aerostone is available direct to the builders and public or you can have one of the professional LAS team install for you.

Linear Architectural Systems are also distributors of CSR Hebel blocks, steel reinforced panels and lintels to suit your requirements, whatever the job.

Anyone DIY minded will be happy to know CSR Hebel is concrete so it's tough, but it's also really easy to saw and cut down to size
As you will see on this weeks show.

1200 x 400 x 400 CSR Hebel blocks can also be ordered, these blocks are not only used as building blocks, but can also be used for sculpting and you can use any woodwork tools on these blocks.

There you go you might want to spend a sunny afternoon out in the garden sculpting your own bird bath or garden statue?

We are also talking about an environmentally friendlier product here as the CSR Hebel manufacturing process uses a lot less of the energy and materials of conventional concrete, and produces no toxic gases or by-products.

CSR Hebel is lightweight and easy to work, solid and durable with finishes that appear similar to rendered masonry.

It can be tiled or painted without any preparation, and is great for home renovators wanting to DIY and save money.

It really is the CLEVER concrete.

Linear Architectural Systems have a display centre at Home Base Expo,Subiaco and the newly opened display centre here at 12-14 Anvil Way, Welshpool with a full range of CSR Hebel products including the range of Aerostone profiles exclusive to WA. You might want to drop in for a closer look.