Advanced Window Shutters

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Sasha or Mick Ristic

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08 9418 4236

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Unit 6 / 125 Rockingham Road
Hamilton Hill WA 6153

Western Australia doesn't always enjoy balmy weather, we are often vulnerable to violent storms, torrential rain, strong wind gusts and searing heat. Coping with all these extremes, can be challenging, but now there is a product that can protect the family home from the most severe forces of nature.

I'm talking about Advanced Window Shutters. Produced in Hamilton Hill, this company has over 15 years experience in manufacturing, installing ,supplying and repairing roller shutters.

Advanced Window Shutters, import high quality material from Germany, then cut and shape components into the quality window shutter.

The Advanced Window Shutter is powder coated aluminium, filled with high density fire resistant foam and it's strong interlocking construction resists objects being forced between the slats.

The foam filled slats dramatically reduce summer heat and the interlocking system enhances your home security.

An added feature is the ability to turn daylight into darkness, ideal for shift workers needing to sleep or getting young children to have their afternoon nap.

Advanced can measure and quote shutters for your home, no problem, and their strong construction and neat appearance will only add value to your home.

Apart from the obvious advantage of an Advanced Window Shutter there's a huge financial bonus of eliminating the need for security screens, sun awnings, vertical blinds or heavy curtains, tinted windows or double glazing!

Remember there's a 5 year unconditional warranty on this quality german product and a choice of manual or motorized operation.

For more friendly advice, give Sasha or Mick Ristic a call at their Hamilton Hill location on 94184236.