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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Anne-marie Syme



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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

38b Marine Terrace
Fremantle WA 6060

The concept behind the Loans Café is brilliant, you walk in, order a coffee and maybe some lunch and go loans shopping all in the one spot!

There are two Loans Cafes, one in Perth and one in Freo. However, if you're stuck at the office, too busy with the kids at home or live up in Yalgoo it's probably going to be a lot easier for you to jump online.

The Loans Café website is very user friendly and recently the Loans Café blitzed the field winning the Stargate Technologies Award for Most Effective Internet Presence at the 2004 Australian Mortgage Awards.

So what does an award winning website have? Well basically all the advice you find at the Loans Café can be found at the Loans Café online.

From Property Market Reports and other news and information to current interest rates and a loans calculator, plus they even have a special section called "Bank Jargon Explained", which can certainly come in handy!

Their new "Chat Live" feature allows you to chat online with an industry professional and as well as making an online inquiry you can even book a face to face appointment for a time that suits you.

It's so easy to access, find out all you need to know at the Loans Café online. The only thing you miss out on though is a mean cup of coffee…you're going to have to make that one yourself!