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Many consumers wouldn't realise not all steel fences are created equal. Ross Dunkerton looks at Bluescope Lysaght Neetascreen which has been used extensively in an attractive development in Baldivis.

Stormy weather can leave many homes with damaged fencing. Lysaght Neetascreen offers a strong solution and if finding a contractor to erect it presents difficulties this product can be easily erected by a home handyman by digging a few holes mixing up cement, using a string line and a Tek gun. An added bonus is that insurance companies are generally ok with replacing a storm damaged fence with a colour bond steel one.

Lysaght fencing solutions are manufactured by Bluescope Lysaght, part of Bluescope Steel who are the worlds leading producers of Colourbond Prepainted Steel. This means that all products produced by Bluescope including Lysaght Neetascreen, are guaranteed to use only genuine aussie made Colourbond Steel.

It's because of this and Bluescope Steels confidence in the performance of Colourbond steel that the Lysaght Neetascreen comes with a 10 year warranty.

Lysaght Neetascreen is also available with options of decorative and functional lattice as well as post ball caps.

The lysaght neetascreen fence is available in a wide range of fashionable colourbond steel colours and can be designed to mix and match with any exisiting colourbond steel components of your house, such as roof's gutters and downpipes.

For further information on this great product, check out the website or contact the distributor, Midalia Steel .

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These outlets all offer friendly advice and service and supply all the gear needed for a do it yourself job or they can recommend a contractor.