Department of Housing & Works - Aboriginal Housing

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Cristina Shaw



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The Aboriginal Housing and Infrastructure Directorate is a section of the Sate Government's Department of Housing and Works in Western Australia. Part of it's objective is to work positively with Aboriginal communities throughout Western Australia, providing housing and infrastructure for Aboriginal communities in many remote areas of the state.

This week we visit the iron ore mining town of Newman in WA's Pilbara region to take a look at the progress of the Aboriginal Housing and Infrastructure programme at Parnpajinya, an aboriginal community on the outskirts of the town. We also travel east to Jigalong where there have also been significant improvements made for the long-standing community there.

Community members are involved in the design of their housing and there are specific training opportunities associated with the construction, repair and maintenance of these dwellings. There are also counselling and other support services for Aboriginal tenants.

The community at Jigalong numbers between 200 and 250 and the housing upgrade programme there, is well in place. The new swimming pool is a community focal point and a catalyst for much improved behaviour especially amongst the youngsters here. There's a mandate that says, "No school…no Pool".

The result is better school attendance, a marked drop in vandalism and a vast improvement in general health and reduction respiratory problems.

Our visit is a brief look at the building programmes in two Aboriginal communities and the engagement of the people involved. The result is vastly improved living conditions and a greater sense of belonging and self-esteem for the residents.

For further information, contact Aboriginal Housing & Infrastructure on Freecall 1800 621 826