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You know there's a reason for the saying "Now, you're cooking with gas", and there are several reasons that cooking with natural gas is the Chefs' preferred choice. So, it's only to be expected that if you were to have a Chef Championship, you'd find the competitors cooking with gas.

If you thought you were under the pump to get dinner on the table on time, spare a thought for the competitors in this year's "Alinta Restaurant of Champions" competition.

For this event, teams representing some of Perth's top restaurants prepare a three-course meal for over sixty guests. And not only do they have to prepare great food, they have to do it all within full view of the judges, guests and the general public.

The teams are judged to the International standards and compete over the four days of the WA Oceanafest, with the winner being the team who scores the most points. The Oceanafest hosts two culinary competitions which test the skills of Chefs on an individual and a team basis, but it's much more than just a cook-off.

Oceanafest is much more than just a cook-off. The event is a forum to promote WA. It's people and it's produce and is well on its way to becoming a world leader in culinary competition attracting tourism and hospitality professionals from around the world.

The Oceanafest attracts some of the finest chefs from WA, Australia and even internationally. And this year the Alinta Kitchen also got a good workout from some well-known cricketers from the Warriors.

Cooking dinner for the family might not put you under quite so much pressure as being a competitor at Oceanafest, but if you want to cook like a professional, then taking advantage of the reliability, economy and total control that you only get with natural gas, is a pretty good start.

Contact Alinta on 13 13 58 for more information on how you could be cooking with gas at your Home in WA.