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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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If you've ever considered buying a serviced apartment as an investment property well it might come as a bit of a surprise to you as it did to me to find out that a lot of lending organizations ask for between 30 and 40% deposit.

For a serviced apartment that might be on the market for around $200,000 dollars you may need a deposit of around $65,000. That kind of cash may be out of a lot of peoples reach however there is a light about to shine on this situation and some serious cash to be saved.

Anne Marie Syme from the Loans Café joins us on the show today with Michael Maher from HLP Mortgage Company.

HLP Mortgage Company is a new company soon to launch that will lend for smaller properties including serviced apartments, bed-sits and warehouse converted apartments asking much lower deposits than a lot of other lending organizations.

Loans Café can find the very best mortgage available for you and work to a budget you can afford.

For more information why not drop into a Loans Café for a cuppa and a chat to one of the team.

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