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When it comes to cleaning the house, you usually need truckloads of equipment. Well, not any more. Now all you really need is the K'A'rcher Vaporapid.

K'A'rcher have been manufacturing a variety of machinery for more than thirty years and their ingenious Vaporapid Steam Cleaner uses nothing more than pure, clean water to tackle almost any home cleaning job with ease.

In the bathroom, the power of steam literally melts away bathroom mould and soap scum. And because it works using steam, it also sanitises your surfaces, so there's no need for harsh disinfectants or bleach.

In the kitchen, sanitise the benchtop, clean down the kitchen cupboards or steam through cooked on grease on the hotplate. The steam melts away baked-on grease almost instantly so its ideal for cleaning the oven. There's no toxic fumes that can leach into your food and no elbow-grease required.

The K'A'rcher Vaporapid is also terrific on floors, upholstery, for removing stains on the carpet and the variety of attachments even includes a powerful steam iron.

Outside, the Vaporapid will give you spotless, streak-free windows with no effort at all, it'll clean the fly-screens and is ideal for preparing the barbeque. Clean the car inside and out including the wheels, windscreen, vinyl and upholstery.

The Vaporapid uses nothing more toxic than water to thoroughly clean and sanitise almost any surface, so no more dangerous chemicals going into our waterways and its ideal for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities.

And because it's a K'A'rcher you know you'll be getting a quality product that will last for many years and is backed by specialist service agents all across the country. Find out more by calling Lifestyle Appliances Australia on 1800 663 866.