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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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In today's show we have a look at Roofmart' s Harmony fence, the latest line in the Colorfence range.
Harmony fencing is so named because of its unique double sided profile which is a wonderful concept because now both neighbors get the best side of the fence to look at, thereby creating Harmony for both sides of the fence.

The Harmony fence has been installed around a home in Hocking North of Perth.
The fence has been installed on this property in the middle of a newly cleared estate with no surrounding protection from the elements.
After WA's recent stormy weather and very strong winds the fence is still standing strong.

The Harmony fence sheeting and framework is branded with the Colorbond stamp of quality assurance so you know you are getting nothing but a true quality Colorbond steel fence.

The Harmony fence profile has been designed specifically for the fencing industry, as opposed to being a reworked roofing profile and this new concept is proving to be a sweeping success across the Nation.

There is no long waiting period on orders in fact most orders can be ready within a day or two.

You can choose from 14 unique colors exclusive to Colorbond Steel and you'll enjoy a low maintenance fence with no continual painting, no rotting posts, no cracked sheets, it's termite resistant, and most importantly it looks stylish and comes with a 10 year guarantee and the backup of Bluescope Steel.

So it's looks like we might be seeing a lot more Harmony in the lovely little State of WA soon.

For more information on the new Harmony fencing line give Roofmart a call.