Ceramic City

This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

Peter Lee Kong



08 9240 1040

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10 Gibberd Road
Balcatta WA 6021

If you're building, you probably already have in mind the look you want for the décor of your home, but once you start shopping around it can open a whole can of worms! Where is the best place to start? Well, you'll probably find you've got your feet on it now…no not the computer desk! Start from the ground up!

For more than 20 years the owners of Ceramic City have been travelling to Italy's foremost tile manufacturing houses to personally hand pick Europe's most stylish tiles for the architects, builders and homeowners of Western Australia. When you step into their showroom you'll find an enormous range of tiles, but what's most impressive is that while Ceramic City are able to constantly update and expand their tile range, the high quality of their product never changes. Ceramic City even supply to some of WA's top building companies.

The nature of choosing a tile means you really have to get a feel for what will be going on around it. Because of this the team at Ceramic City will not only help with the tile selection but also give advice on your choice of colours and materials for bench tops, cupboards, basins…you name it! All of this is part of their colour consulting service, and with over 20 years experience in tiles you can trust you'll be in safe hands at Ceramic City!

You'll find Ceramic City located downstairs from Lighting City in Balcatta.