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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

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Being energy efficient has become pretty important. So much so that last year the government made it compulsory for all new homes to have insulation.

The move was a big vote of confidence in insulation products that meet Australian standards.

That they really do make your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer reducing the amount of energy used for home heating and cooling... and putting those extra dollars back in your pocket!

So what to choose? There's lots of insulation products around... from you're your blow in loose cellulose... to all kinds of fibreglass... wool batts and polyester.

All are energy efficient... vermin and fire resistant.

But if you want all that as well as insulation that's Non Allergenic, dust free, and water proof... here's the solution

Thermosealed batts are an ingenious WA Invention, patented 5 years ago by Brett Heady's Thermosealed Batt's. They're made with this very effective cellulose fibre. But instead of pumping it into your roof loose... it's packed into pillows.

Not that kind of pillow!!!

We can't show you too much of the process because it's all very top secret... but if you're wondering what happens to those newspapers you recycle... they're one of the main ingredients... plus there's a few others... They're all put together here at the factory in Malaga... and packed into these bags... MACHINE CRANKS UP.

Thermosealed Batts are hypo allergenic, they don't cause skin irritation and they're dust free. But as well as that they have top insulation ratings, reduce your fuel bills by up to 40% and they're competitively priced.

Thermosealed Batts are so easy and clean that installers love working with them and it makes them perfect for do-it-yourselfers to save a few extra bucks.

No one likes to think they're going to get a crack in their tiles or a leaking roof... but if it happened it's great to know the batts are 100 percent waterproof... in fact Thermosealed Batts are guaranteed for as long as your home is standing.

If you want some advice about home insulation give the expert, friendly team at Brett Heady's Thermosealed Batts a call or pop into their factory. They're at 23 Resource Way Malaga.

For country viewers they've opened up a new location in Bunbury