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20 years ago, the West Australian company Canon Foods was established, producing quality, convenient food products including beef, lamb and chicken nuggets. Canon Foods also launched cooked and diced chicken meat mainly for lunch bars and delis.

Then as diet-conscious people began reacting to product being deep fried, Canon Foods commissioned an inline, forming line with cooking facilities which allowed the final packaged product to be simply heated in the home oven, griller or barbecue.

The company believes that a great product starts with the best hygiene. Their preparation and cooking areas are segregated and staff cannot move between process areas without washing hands and changing clothing.

Canon Foods provided the technical support for the development of the Micro Free Guarantee process which guarantees cooked chicken meat is free from the main bacteria responsible for food poisoning and spoilage when it leaves a manufacturers door.

Canon Foods Heat & Eat range consist of a number of products which are designed to be quick, convenient, and nutritious. Then there's the Value-Added range, primarily aimed at top hotels and function centres throughout Australia as well as the deli section of supermarkets

Now Canon Foods have introduced a new range called "Flavours of the World". There's Italian, Chinese, Cajun or Salsa in chicken medallions or strips, lightly flavoured with spices and herbs from the country of origin.

Your local supermarket undoubtedly stocks many Canon Foods products - Heat & Eat, Value Added, and now Flavours of the World. Choose from Italian, Spanish Salsa, Cajun and Chinese.