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This Weeks Episode of Home in WA

David Turner



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There's a popular saying in Real Estate "the worst house in the best street". And that could have been on the purchaser's mind when he bought into Perth's exclusive western suburbs.

One of his first tasks was to replace the old cement tiles. There's nothing that improves a homes appearance and value, than a brand new roof. So he contacted BLUESCOPE LYSAGHT, who then recommended a number of accredited roofing contractors who would be able to help.

When Karin and the HOME in WA crew called by this time last year, the team from DTS Roofing were hard at it, discarding the tiles and preparing the home for its new roof .

And here we are a year later, a brand new Lysaght Custom Orb roof made from COLORBOND Steel. The home is freshly painted, the landscaping is complete, and that previously modest home is now a masterpiece, right up with the rest of the neighbourhood.

COLORBOND Steel not only looks terrific, it resists hail, cracking, chipping and peeling and very importantly, provides added security to the home as well.

There are now 21 colours in the COLORBOND Steel range. So no matter what your housing style or décor preference, there's certain to be a colour to suit.

If you're interested in replacing your old roof and improving the appearance, security and value of your HOME in WA, give DTS Roofing a call on 9379 2779.

To find out more about roofing made from COLORBOND Steel, contact Bluescope Lysaght on 13 30 38 or follow the link from the HOME in WA website.