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Janet Craig



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With Mothers Day a couple of months away Home in WA presenter Melanie Camp, together with her brother, sisters and Dog decided to get their Mum something she would treasure forever. They banded together headed 20 minutes down the Kwinana Freeway and hit the jackpot at Premier Studio.

Brother and sister team, Janet Craig and Jeff Gregory run Premier Studio. Not only have they 30 years experience as photographers between them, but both hold the nationally accredited title of master photographer. Add to this the huge amount of awards Janet and Jeff have won over the years and you'll feel pretty confident you're going to end up with sensational photos. Lets face it the, on average, 700 families a year who get photos done at Premier Studio can't be wrong!

Premier Studio is unique; you won't find a photographic studio like it anywhere in Australia! Set on 5 acres in Banjup, just near Gateways Shopping Centre, you'll find a range of amazing sets. From The boat shed, to the beach, to the old farmhouse …there's even a set that features a door that has come all the way from Egypt! This innovative arrangement means you and your family don't need to traipse all over Perth in search of that perfect location and because you're not in a public park or at, say, busy Scarborough beach you're away from prying eyes and will be guaranteed relaxed, candid family photos.