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Olive oil tasting Experience.
Using Jingilli olive oil and Pilgrims Balsamic vinegar

Select an olive oil for cooking or dipping or both.

Jingilli Devine and Frantioi are excellent for cooking and Leccino is good for dipping…… These oils are all available at Claremont Fresh

This is how you can be sure you'll like the Olive Oil

  • Look for a date on the bottle. Olive oil should be consumed with in 12- 18 months of the olives being pressed

  • Observe to see if it is a clean crisp colour, not cloudy

  • Smell: freshly cut grass

  • Taste: not greasy but buttery to taste, smooth, it's good to have a peppery after taste

  • Lastly keep olive oil out of direct sun light and extreme heat

Quick and easy Olive Oil recipe
- Small handful Kalamata olives chopped roughly
- Thumb size chili chopped (de-seeded)
- 2 cloves fresh garlic crushed
- Large dash Jingilli Leccino olive oil

Combine the above in a mixing bowl and tastes great as a dip.
Tastes terrific on some crusty Italian bread or even use it as a salad dressing

Or make an easy Salad Dressing

- ˝ cup Jingilli olive oil
- Large dash of Pilgrims Balsamic Vinegar

Mix in a jar until combined, use as a dip or salad dressing

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