Lighting City

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Glen Earnshaw



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10 Gibberd Road
Balcatta WA 6021

Perth is known as the City of Lights as a result of thousands of street, porch, house and office lights being switched on to greet American Astronaut Colonel John Glenn on his orbital flight back in 1962. But that's history, the city of lights today is at Lighting City, located upstairs from Ceramic City in Balcatta.

One look at the Lighting City Showroom in Balcatta and you'll be blown away by their amazing range. From fiber optics for your home theatre, to outdoor lighting, bathroom lighting, the most stunning chandeliers, a hug range of down lights, pendants, even your basic oyster! What's just as amazing as the lights is the quality of these lights.

Lighting City has been selecting the best quality lights and fitting from Europe for 16 years now. They supply to top builders across WA and can also help add value to the home you're building, or renovating.

The service at Lighting City is of the highest quality, Lighting City even provide a lighting design service for homebuilders. Where by bringing in your plans the lighting City team can help arrange a stylish lay out for your home lighting.

What's great about Lighting City's design service is they will refund the cost of the service if you choose to purchase your light fittings at Lighting City.